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Welcome to GMTA. There is only one thing sports fans like doing more than watching sport and that is talking about it. In living rooms, work places, pubs, cafes and barbershops all over the world right now lively and passionate discussions are taking place. The GMTA Podcast was born of such discussions. It is our aim to provoke thought, learn from and connect with fans of sports whatever they may be. Whether you are an NBA fanatic, a competitive sailor, lawn bowls champion or Sunday League footballer this is our opportunity to engage. One thing is certain intelligent, well informed and balanced discourse about sport is never boring!



Our Story

The GMTA Podcast is the vision of two guys who love sport and recognise it's power to transform lives and entertain. With as many hours of sport watched, played and discussed as we have it was inevitable the podcast would be born. Join us as we take the art of conversation about sport to the next level.


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The GMTA team is committed to our listeners. We will always try to read all your Questions, comments or special requests. We’d love to hear from you, so don’t hesitate to reach out today.

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